Soul Direction and Intuitive Energy Mapping are the processes of empathically sensing and reading the energy surrounding a client and identifying the places where their soul is wounded, stuck or unable to move forward. By identifying these places I can gently guide my client through them, allowing them to discover the hidden “gifts” along the way. These “gifts” then become the keys they use to unlock the door to their soul’s becoming.

With a key issue or question in mind, clients are given a choice between a Peruvian Kuya (13 stone) reading or a Tarot card reading to map out the energetic influences in their lives. They then become an active participant in understanding and deciphering their Soul Map. Finally they are empowered with key choices that can change the energetic influences around their lives, shifting the momentum of their Soul Map and directing the energy strands of their future to a more favourable outcome.

Soul Direction and Intuitive Energy Mapping Rates

  • $120.00 for an hour session (includes creating a completely new Soul Map)
  • $60.00 for a half hour session (includes energy shifting of old Soul Map)

*All sessions are by appointment only and can be done in person or by telephone. Intuitive Direction is also available for 2 or more people that are looking for guidance in their Business or Personal Relationships.

Intuitive Mentoring
Intuitive Mentoring teaches you how to open up and listen to the voice of your Spirit. Specific exercises are explored to develop and utilize your intuitive gifts, build relationships with your Spirit Guides and Angels and to ground firmly with Mother Earth. You will learn to connect with the Spirit of all things, walk with integrity and manifest your heart's desires. Reading the signs of destiny along with tracking energy for yourself and others will be explored through a number of different tools and techniques. Speaking your truth will become your mantra as you learn to firmly step into your personal power. As you unmask the face of your own Divinity you will no longer need to search for anything outside yourself to make you happy. Finally, by becoming whole and complete on the inside, you will witness your outer world begin to magically shift and reorganize into the extraordinary life you've always wanted.

Intuitive Mentoring Rates

  • $120.00 for an hour session
  • $80.00/hour for a semi-private group of 2 to 4 people

*All sessions are by appointment only and can be done in person or by telephone.

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