The following links and resources have and continue to illuminate my path with beauty, insights, wisdoms, creativity and unspeakable healing. It is my honor to share them with you.

Intuitive Counsellors and Energy Medicine Practitioners
Patricia Heavren: is a friend and collogue who operates the WisdomKeeper Connection in Woodbridge, Connecticut, serving individuals, couples and groups seeking transformation through the practice of ancient indigenous medicine techniques, applied alongside contemporary coaching. She is teaching faculty with the Four Winds Society and its founder, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, internationally known shaman, author, and medical anthropologist. Pat is a trained mediator, yoga teacher and is an affiliate consultant with DKB Wave Training and Consulting in New York City. She has facilitated programs across the US, Canada, and Latin America. Pat’s mission is to assist others in recognizing their everyday stories of life as the greatest stories ever told. Words can't describe how much I love and believe in Pat's unique style of energy medicine and her ability to facilitate healing. She is definitely on my very short list of "healers" I call when I need to do personal healing work on myself. You can contact Pat at 203-444-4424 or by email at

Spiritual Teachers, Schools and Authors
Sonia Choquette: I discovered Sonia Choquette’s book “The Psychic Pathway” back in 2004 when I asked Spirit to guide me to a book and mentor that would finally open me up to my Soul’s path. This book proved to be life changing for me and Sonia has been instrumental in illuminating my Soul’s journey. I highly recommend her books, seminars and personal Soul Readings to anybody ready to step on to their Soul’s path.

Spiritual Websites in Niagara
Spiritual Niagara: Created and maintained by Kathy Upper, a beautiful soul committed to connecting people with the spiritual energy in Niagara.

Digital Art and Photography
I would like to thank ALL of the digital artists and photography websites for the use of their beautiful raw images that I've used to create the overall look and feel of Souls In Progress. It is my intention to acknowledge all of the artists and resources that I've used so if I've missed anybody please contact me so I can add you to the list below: deviantART
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