Shamanistic Healing

Through the ages, Shamans and Medicine People from around the world have developed and utilized ancient processes and techniques that have proven to become extremely powerful ways to unbind, untether, extract, clear and illuminate disempowering energetic soul wounds from their Luminous Energy Field or Energy Body. Shamans and Medicine People by definition are wounded healers meaning that they’ve done the DEEP healing work required to transform/transmute their Soul Wounds into extremely powerful Soul Medicine.  This Soul Medicine then becomes their unique gift of healing that they can then offer to the world if they so choose.

Discovering Your Soul Medicine is without question one of the most powerful, most complete ways to do your personal healing work and then offer it to the world…PERIOD. Each month we will gather in a very small intimate group to do our DEEP personal healing work.  * Disclaimer - I will be completely upfront with you, this will be some of the toughest, soul wrenching, most deeply challenging and vulnerable personal healing work you will ever do in this lifetime…so it is NOT for the faint of heart or for anybody not 110% committed to their healing journey. We will be working as a very small 8 members or less tribe…so as you heal your tribe heals and your soul wounds become part of the healing medicine that works to heal not only yourself but the collective group. You will learn to build and carry a personal medicine bag or mesa (sacred personal medicine altar) that will be used to hold your healing objects, tools, and Soul Medicine.  For the last hour of each gathering we will be working and healing around fire.  One thing I DO KNOW FOR SURE is that if you’re COMMITTED to doing this healing work IT WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.  I live this as a CERTAINITY through my own personal healing work and that of my clients all around the world.  So if you’re REALLY SERIOUS and COMMITTED to doing YOUR PERSONAL HEALING WORK…then I deeply welcome you to Discovering Your Soul Medicine.

Key topics of discussion will include:

  • Uncovering, Identifying and Healing of Soul Wounds
  • Building and Carrying a Medicine Bag or Mesa (Sacred Personal Medicine Altar)
  • Learning and Utilizing Ancient Indigenous, and Modern Healing Techniques to Heal
  • How to Build and Use Sacred Fire for Healing
  • Creating Sacred Space and Working In Ceremony and Ritual
  • Much, Much, Much More etc...

Date/Time: Wednesday Oct. 21st, 2015 – 7pm to 10:00pm

Cost: $60 (Only 8 seats available. Your space MUST be reserved in advance with a deposit. Please call, text or email for details.)

What to Bring: A journal, a pen, healing tools, objects, sacred bag, cloth or piece of leather for Mesa

Location: 6169 Toby Crescent, Niagara Falls, L2G 2S8

Contact: Jason Cook - Tel: 905-933-7182 / Email:

Shamanistic Healing

This seminar offers a spicy new twist on spiritual inquiry.  Using the teachings of Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction, we will explore the sensitive issues that challenge both our spiritual and collective cultures at large.

Taboo is the name of the game folks…that’s right we said it :) !!! So let’s slip on our rubber boots, kick open the doors of perception and step into the murky waters of our domestications. For 2 hours we will drop our cautious attitudes and look together at all that we distain, fear or need to change in the world…basically all the things that we perceive as "bad" or "wrong".  Our goal is NOT keep things wrapped up neat and tidy in a pretty spiritual box but to tear it wide open, pushing the envelopes of our collective comfortability and creating an opportunity for true “Spiritual Expansion” and growth to occur.

We will be completely honest with you…this experience is for those who are looking to add some Spiritual Viagra to their cocktail of wisdom.  Warning: If you are, or want to be a deliberate Creator and are not afraid of some REAL IRREVERENT FUN, then this seminar is for you!  If you are easily offended or of the faint of heart you may want to sit this one out…Just saying :)

So if you’re ready to give up the struggle and begin addressing real change in your life we invite you to step Into the Spiritual Frying Pan with us…

Our desire is that you immerse your hands into the clay of this Creation so that you can leave this seminar with:

  • A more empowered understanding of the “Spiritual Laws of the Universe” and how to effectively apply them to your life circumstance
  • A new sense of your True Power as Creator
  • Practical tools to help focus and implement real change in your life
  • How to Build and Use Sacred Fire for Healing
  • A new understanding of what “Unconditional Love” really means
  • The experience of being thoroughly & completely entertaind“Woot, Woot” !!!

Date/Time: Wednesday Oct. 28th, 2015 – 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Cost: $25 (Only 30 seats available. Your space MUST be reserved in advance with a deposit. Please call, text or email for details.)

What to Bring: A journal, a pen and questions / topics you may like to discuss

Location: Central United Church ~ 12 Young St. Welland, Ontario L3B 4C4

Contact: Jason Cook - Tel: 905-933-7182 / Email:

What People Are Saying:
“Jason, I ‘m truly grateful and thankful for your healing. I am experiencing such amazing inner changes… my heart is so open I can feel it and sense it…” ~ Debbie, Hamilton, ON

“Jason and I have been working together for about eight months now. Honestly, my life has changed completely! Depression and anxiety are GONE!!! I have finally found love, peace and joy in my life! ~ Janet, Port Colbourne, ON

“The healing of my soul wounds has had a great impact on my life. I am very grateful for this life changing experience. I have been asking the universe for help and I got to meet someone who has the ability to help me above and beyond my expectations.” ~ Sylvie, St. Catharines, ON

He is professional, caring and sensitive…one of the most spiritual people I have encountered.” ~ Lousie, Whitby, ON

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