My Story of Real Transformation

From childhood I knew I was different. I would sense and “see” things around me that others didn’t.
Visions would play like movies in my head about people’s lives and experiences. I could sense their
energy, read it and feel it like it was my own. As a child this caused a lot of confusion and distress for me
because what I “saw” wasn’t always pleasant. In fact, a lot times it was horrific. I didn’t have an outlet to
express what was going on inside of me so I developed a set of coping mechanisms to deal with the
energies I was absorbing. Later on in life I learned that these “coping mechanisms” had a more
sophisticated name called neuroses. I was able to keep these neuroses in check for most of my life until
one day they besieged me and I sunk into the dark night of my soul.

After a nervous breakdown, a lifelong struggle with obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, depression
and weight gain I hit rock bottom. I tried western medications and fad diets, talked to all sorts of
doctors, therapists and psychiatrists but nothing seemed to address the core problem that was
debilitating me.


I had lost myself

It was that realization that woke me up from my stupor and allowed me to finally step firmly on to my
soul path. As a child I remembered how intuitive I was, how connected I was to my Spirit and how
enchanted life was. I was committed to bringing that back into my life again.


I took back my life

In 2001 I decided that I was no longer going to play victim to life. I lost 80lbs, weaned myself off
antidepressants and started working with various forms of Energy Medicine to heal myself. I trained
and mentored with highly skilled Medicine People and Shamans. I was shown how to use ancient
wisdom practices to unleash my God Nature and transform my life. I learned how to forgive and love
unconditionally. I compassionately embraced my shadows and discovered that they too had light. But
most importantly, I learned how to transcend my wounds into beautiful lessons of healing.

Today, these lessons are the gifts and soul medicine I now offer to you as a soul in progress trying to find
your way back home.

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