The Waking Dream

Jason’s energy medicine practices have been influenced by many cultures and traditions but begin with the Medicine people of South America; the wisdom keepers and advisors to the ancient Inca civilization. The Q’ero Shamans have known for thousands of years that we actively dream our lives into being.  This “waking dream” holds the energetic blueprints to manifesting our lives and is the vibrational assemblage point for creation.  It’s where our thought patterns, beliefs and domestications ignite with our emotional focus, solidify and become the physical manifestations that we experience as our reality.


Energy Medicine

Energy medicine helps us to shift and heal our “waking dream” by removing the energetic “roadblocks” that have been holding us back from moving forward in our lives.  Removing these old “roadblocks” engages the prefrontal cortex of our brain to create new energetic maps that lead us to extraordinary states of well-being.   These maps become the new neural pathways that allow us to fully embody and integrate real transformation into our lives.

Energy medicine is one the most powerful ways to accomplish real transformation because it addresses the root cause of our life challenges at the vibrational level at which they were conceived.


Working With Jason

Jason’s combines ancient and contemporary energy medicine practices into a powerful set of processes he calls Ancient Wisdom and Real Transformation™.

Ancient Wisdom and Real Transformation™ facilitates a whole new reality map for his clients to experience by inviting them to step out of their old limiting beliefs of lack, suffering and victimization and into a new, heart centered paradigm of well-being, abundance and inspired purpose.  They are then shown how to anchor in and navigate this new reality map so that it becomes their vibrational template for consciously creating and manifesting their lives.

Individual and couples energy medicine sessions are 90 minutes in length and cost $180 CAD (plus applicable taxes).

Each session includes energy healing, sacred teachings, intuitive guidance/messages, sacred ceremony, soul medicine and reality mapping and integration homework.

Energy medicine sessions can be done in person or remotely via Skype, FaceTime or telephone.

* Note: If you’re deeply called to do your personal healing work but feel you can’t afford Jason’s session rate then PLEASE contact him.  Jason is very motivated to work with people who resonate with his soul medicine path and he will be happy to discuss a rate that feels more in alignment with your financial situation.

To find out more information, schedule a FREE Soul Discovery Call or to book your energy medicine session please choose an option below to contact Jason.

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My experiences with Jason have changed my life and who I thought I was. I was scared, scattered and I felt vulnerable. Through working with him I developed a clearer picture of who I was meant to be. Jason’s work has been invaluable to my spiritual journey and he has contributed to my spiritual and emotional growth more then he knows. He has talked me off the ledge multiple times when I was at my worst. With his intuitive counselling, soul retrieval and loving guidance I have managed to hone my gifts and reconnect with my higher self. Thank you Jason for everything! I am forever grateful.
Celine Cheel
Reiki Master and Medium
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

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