• Jason Cook has POWERFUL medicine to offer. I have been working with Jason since 2014 and feel safe and confident in his ability to assist me with any challenge I am ready to transform. I am grateful to have such an authentic and high integrity mentor as I journey on my heart path. His ability to assist you in stepping into your truth and power is unique and effective.  He gives YOU the tools to reclaim your power and create Real Transformation! My sessions with Jason are always filled with breakthroughs, empowerment and authentic transformation. His energy medicine is so gentle and yet so powerful! I would highly recommend the other worldly experience of a session in Jason’s shaman cave. You are taken into another realm surrounded by nature, sacred medicines and elements that nurture, support and guide you on your journey. His energy medicine enters the root of your challenges and allows you to acknowledge the source of what needs to be shifted to create lasting changes in your life. There really are no words to describe the divine feelings of the condor feather rushing over you as your session unfolds. The combination of Jason’s medicines, wisdom and environment of the cave is a perfect recipe for healing and transformation. I feel blessed to have Jason as my mentor as I go deeper into my healing and soul path. Thank you Jason for all that you are and all that you have shared!

    Lauren Bartfai Owner of Infinite Expressions / St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
  • Jason has been my guide to identifying the energetic blockages, the kinks in the cable that don’t allow for the full stream of inspired purpose to flow into my life.  He intuits and feels into my experiences with love and compassion while articulating a vivid landscape of the reality that is in alignment with my authentic calling. It’s not a technique, it’s how he experiences the seen and unseen worlds, it’s how he shares his remarkable gift and I’m very grateful for it!

    Brad Swanson Co-Founder and Owner of Frequencies Music / Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Jason has helped my soul remember truths I had long forgotten.  He is a pure heart and his medicines are divine.  He has helped me reawaken my gifts, my truth and my magic. His healing journeys are the embodiment of living life in a continual ceremony. Real Transformation happens when you truly surrender.  It happens when you allow yourself to witness the divine beauty of your shadows and darkness without judgment; instead of embodying them and allowing them to consume you. Real Transformation happens when you align with this Shaman and I am deeply grateful for connecting with Jason during this leg of my journey.

    Heather Lynn Tobin Intuitive Healer, Coach and Reiki Practitioner / Stouffville, Ontario, Canada
  • I was able to experience Jason’s partnership with his helping spirits as he took me on my soul journey to come into knowing of my purpose.  Through this healing journey I had experienced dismemberment of old self, a higher vibration of consciousness and a great release of some emotional blockages that I was unaware of.  The best way to explain it is that I was home and present during this soul journey and it has given me encouragement to continue down this path of illumination. I can affirm that Jason is a true spiritual healer and guide that provided me with the gift and gratitude of reconnecting with Source and my authentic identity, and I am forever thankful.

    Rod Phillip-Ellsworth Stapleton Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Jason has been a tremendous help to my son. I began noticing some OCD behaviours with my son which progressed very rapidly. Excessive hand washing, showering, anxiety about certain things which never before were an issue for him. He got to a point where he basically just shut down. He didn't like to leave the house and he struggled being at school because he always felt contaminated in his surroundings. He became very reclusive and stopped hanging out with his friends. He didn't even want to touch his phone, sit in our family room with anyone to watch TV or just sit and hang out. I reached out to Jason because I knew he had personal experience with OCD and anxiety. Prior to my son meeting with Jason I had tried a few different counsellors, all with very little success. After spending one hour with my son, Jason had made such a strong connection with him that when he left; my son smiled at me and said 'that guy is amazing'. It was the first time in a very long time that I had even seen my son smile and I knew right then that Jason would be able to help him find himself again. Jason met with my son once a week over the next 3 months where he worked with him, used energy medicine on him, and simply just connected with him in a way in which I have never seen anyone connect with him. Jason went above and beyond what any typical counselling session would entail. There was never a time limit on the sessions. They ended when Jason felt that what he had worked on that day had been an accomplishment. He spent endless hours talking with me via messaging or phone calls and would explain what my son was experiencing and what they had worked on that day (he did not discuss details of their conversations as these were between him and my son). He very patiently answered all of my questions and always had a way of explaining things so that I could understand what my son was going through. After three or four sessions with Jason, I started to see small changes in my son's behaviour surrounding his hand washing etc. He continued to make progress each week, and little by little he began to find his way back to the happy, confident, outgoing person that he once was. With the tools that Jason has given him, he has learned to navigate his way through his feelings and compulsions without it controlling his life. I am very aware that things could have gone in an entirely different direction had he not had the guidance and expertise that Jason was able to offer him. I am forever grateful for all that Jason has done.

    Shannon St. Catharines, Ontario
  • Jason provides a very powerful soul-searching experience that allows you to find and listen to your inner spirit.  From the first interaction with Jason, he embraced me with open arms, providing a positive and safe space to explore. Through the sessions and homework I have learned to listen to my inner child and intuition and have developed confidence in speaking my truth. He is very authentic, knowledgeable, and down to earth. He helped me look for signals in the universe that would teach me and help me along my spiritual journey. More importantly, he gave me energetic CPR. For years I have felt off, fatigued and stuck. I feel more grounded, am willing to let go of my past and feel alive inside again.  I am forever grateful for Jason sharing his gifts with me!

    Jenna Johnstone Recreation Therapist / Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Jason Cook is a "Master of Truth" and knows how to REALLY get to the source of your imbalance. He will take you on a soul journey to find yourself by helping you to discover those precious nuggets of gold buried deep inside your heart. I have experienced Jason’s healing work first hand and have also had the honor of participating in his workshops and circles. I can honestly say that he is by far the ONLY person I have ever encountered that can truly facilitate the deep levels of awareness required for profound healing.

    Jituska Astrologer and Medicine Woman / Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
  • You’re a game changer and seriously incredible! I love your energy and magic medicine Jason. You have been such an integral piece of the healing puzzle for me and a blessing in my life. You have helped me change my story from being a victim of my life to being so grateful for it. You have also helped me to further my understanding of the laws of the universe. I’m eternally grateful for you.

    Janine Fournier Soul Server and Life Coach / Keswick, Ontario, Canada
  • Day by day the insights drop in slowly. I lost my soul when I was 4 years old and for years I’ve searched to reconnect with it. To MYSELF. I NEVER gave up trying to find it. NEVER! The impact of this healing means more than you could ever know. For the first time in 56 years I’ve reunited and reconnected with my soul. I have forgiven myself and others for the past and am finally FREE of the fear and pain I’ve lived so many years with. How can one even begin to explain that holy feeling or that incredible feeling of paradise. Thank-you Jason for all your help. I could not have done this without you.

    Joke van der Heijden Medicine Woman and Author of Mother Teresa - Her inner struggle / Uden, Netherlands
  • So I had the privilege of doing a death rite ceremony with Jason for a whole day and I can't even begin to name the number of things that have transpired. I'm still high and swimming in the energy of the sacred fire and heartbeat of the drum, sacred tobacco and echoes of cleansing eagle - wild water medicine embodied by Jason's voice and presence. Jason provided me with the sacred space and guidance to fully come into my own Medicine Woman. I can't even begin to tell you how powerful his medicine is in transforming my life. I have so much gratitude for you. Gracias querida Jason!

    Heryka Miranda Pellecer Holistic Dance and Movement Practitioner/Community Cultural Worker / Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • I had heard about Jason Cook through Spiritual Niagara and saw he did consultations. I knew a bit about one of the teachers he had studied with, Alberto Villoldo, and was curious about the work. We set an appointment for a week or so later. The night before the appointment I had complete clarity on the issue I had wanted help with but decided to go anyways and see what came of it. I had had a different sense of what he would be like from his Facebook photo and from our phone conversation. But the man who answered the door pleasantly 'threw' me. What struck me instantly was his humility and his heart that shone through his eyes and welcomed me. I knew that this authentic man would help me in some way. I talked - for a long time - and he listened patiently. Then he spoke. His observations were keen and true. He did a "Soul Retrieval" treatment with me. My solar plexus and throat chakras were burning intensely and stuff was physically clearing from my throat. After he told me that he had 'blown' a Seal into my Root chakra, a Quill into my 2nd Chakra and a 'Little Girl" into my Solar Plexus (my child within who had been lost). I had felt it when he did it. He said we were in the vibration of "Hummingbird and Eagle". We then worked together on a new 'Contract', as we had gotten rid of the old one I had made so long ago that had kept me energetically blocked. And he gave me 'homework'. I was to make an altar. The only instructions he gave me were to put something in this altar that represented the Seal, Quill & Child Within and the new 'contract'. I worked on my altar for days loving every minute of this creation. I added things representative of my guides. I added a River of Change and put the Seal on one side of it, the Quill in the river and the Little Girl on top of 2 rocks on the other side of the river with her arms wide open and a blue bird on her shoulder. I have been playing with my altar since coming home from the treatment. Each thing in it holds deep meaning to me. I used powerful mineral rocks & crystals given to me by my partner, Alan. I etched my new 'contract' onto one of the stones in the river, made from smoky quartz crystals, river stones, some pyrite pieces & gold Chinese coins. I added feathers from Merlin (Alan's parrot), a crystal heart to the Little Girl, more crystals and gems on my 'dragon' and 'dinosaur' guides - pieces of driftwood that I had collected from Crystal Beach last year, my grandmother's jewel box and more crystals throughout, hanging off the tree and in front of the window where the altar is placed - a Fibonacci spiral of crystal hearts with a bell attached for music and an Eagle and Hummingbird in the window and things made by friends & people who have helped me on my journey. And the most amazing thing is that I pretty much already had everything that went into the altar. It is now 3 days after the treatment. The Joy remains in my heart, the peace expands, Love radiates and I am forever present and grateful. Thank you Jason for opening the door and helping me walk through.

    Lucy Sanford Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, Geomancer and Coach / Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada
  • My experience with Jason was exactly what I needed it to be to advance me along my spiritual path. Much clarity and understanding came out of my session. Fog was cleared, veils were lifted. It was very apparent to me that he is an authentic medicine man, coming from a place of Truth. I am forever grateful for the re-alignment and "levelling up" that was a result of saying YES to reaching out to him for guidance.

    Joanne Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • My experiences with Jason have changed my life.  Have change who I thought I was. I was scared, scattered and I felt vulnerable. Through working with him I developed a clearer picture of who I was meant to be. Jason's work has been invaluable to my spiritual journey and he has contributed to my spiritual and emotional growth more then he knows. He has talked me off the ledge multiple times when I was at my worst. With his intuitive counselling, soul retrieval and loving guidance I have managed to hone my gifts and reconnect with my higher self. Thank you Jason for everything! I am forever grateful.

    Celine Cheel Reiki Master and Medium / Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
  • Jason Cook is one of the most attentive and beautiful souls I have ever come across.  He has a gift for holding space. He made it possible for me to feel safe, to open up without reservation and realize that I have the power to heal.  I would recommend Jason to anyone looking to do deep emotional work with a strong, supportive and heart-centered healer.

    Una St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
  • First I would like to thank-you for all the positive shifting you have helped me with so far! I am becoming stronger, confident and spiritually in tuned with my higher self. You have also taught me patience. The healing of my soul wounds has had a great impact on my life. It has given me a better understanding of the path I use to follow and the new path that I am now on. Teaching me to listen to my higher self has given me a chance to be aware of the energy and circumstances around me. I'm grateful for the pain you have removed in my back and addressing the issue surrounding that! I am very grateful for this life changing experience. I have been asking the universe for help and I got to meet someone who has the ability to help me above and beyond my expectations. I really appreciate what you do! You have a wonderful gift! Thank-you for sharing it!

    Sylvie St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
  • Jason is a very gifted intuitive. The reading he did for me around a deeply personal issue that had been frustrating me for the past year was very helpful and reassuring. He let me know I was on the right track in following my soul path, but also pointed out areas where I might stumble, and he had suggestions on how to navigate those possible obstacles. Jason not only is a gifted intuitive, he is also spiritually directed in all aspects of his life. His music and his lyrics are both inspiring and touching. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an intuitive reader or an artist deeply connected to Spirit to guide them in their next right steps. His light touch and his sincerity create a very safe space for anyone interested in knowing more of how their soul's path is unfolding.

    Elaine LaJoie Shaman and Life Coach / Portland, Oregon, USA
  • As an Energy Medicine Woman and Intuitive Counsellor for over 25 years I have had the opportunity to work with Jason on many occasions and in many different circumstances. He is professional, caring and sensitive to each client's needs and situation. One of Jason's gifts is in communication. He has a beautiful way of expression, which gives the client a sense of understanding and security. This is the most important gift one can possibly give to their client. Not only have I worked with Jason, he is also my Shaman. In my experience, Jason has provided me with sacred space to heal and has helped me move along my soul's journey more easily and freely. I look forward to continuing my work with Jason both professionally and personally, as I consider Jason one of the most spiritual people I have encountered.

    Louise Wagner Spiritual Therapist / GreeneStone Addiction Treatment Center / Muskoka, Ontario, Canada
  • I was unsure of what was to come from my sessions with Jason, but I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome in many ways. He was able to assess my situation and make positive suggestions that I implemented easily into my daily routine. I benefitted greatly from the guidance that he offered me on a very personal level and felt amazingly better after the work he performed on me. After our treatments, I felt more relaxed, more in tune with my own needs and I had a considerably higher energy level. I do definitely believe that he has helped me to make positive changes in my “life force” to improve my health and to promote greater healing. Energy Medicine absolutely does work!

    Kelly St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
  • Several months ago I had some sort of itchy skin reaction. I thought maybe I had been bitten by an insect, or had an allergic reaction to some topical medicine I was using. My homeopathic doctor did a scan of my body and found Lyme Disease. Although she said it had been in my body for years, she thought it could be responsible for my symptoms. She gave me some things to take, but I only found temporary relief as the reaction moved to different parts of my body over the course of a week. I had known Jason for several years, and knew he was now practicing intuitive counseling and energy medicine, so I scheduled a session. We discussed how the symptoms I had been experiencing may have resulted from a negative emotional episode I had the day prior to my skin reaction. In the two days following my one-hour session with Jason my skin reaction was almost completely gone! He also led me through practices that would help me to dissipate further negative emotional energy later. After my experience I can see how Jason has taken his natural intuitive gifts and enhanced them greatly through education and experience. I have a great appreciation for how he comes from a place of love in his dealings. He is a Spiritual man, but down to earth and lighthearted too. Anyone who feels drawn to Jason's services should not hesitate to work with him.

    Justin Souter Los Angeles, California, USA
  • My name Is Janet and I want to encourage you with all my heart to take the healing journey with Jason! Why you may ask? Well I am a 43 yr old professional woman who has had a life time of depression and anxiety, nervous breakdowns, and many struggles. I remember being a "sad" little girl and remained like this up until 8 months ago. Like many people I went the Western route first, trying numerous psychotropic drugs, counselling and psychiatrists. But my life changed when I met Jason Cook. I was a skeptic at first, but the desperation of ridding myself from the grips of depression and anxiety over ruled my western beliefs. I was expecting a "show" prior to working with Jason. Was I ever in for a surprise. Jason's work and presence immediately puts you in a calm, safe atmosphere. Jason and I have been working together for about eight months now. Honestly my life has changed completely! Depression and anxiety are GONE!!! YES I said gone! Jason taught me so much about myself and his work. I found love, peace and joy in my life!! This man is very special people, so if you are willing to work and be open minded, than this is the man you want to be helping and guiding you through your situation and or circumstances. "Live your life to the fullest!"

    Janet Rutherford Child Protection Support Worker / Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada
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