Jason Cook – All Our Hands Are Worthy


Track 1 – Afraid like me

Track 2 – Be good to you

Track 5 – Nostalgia

Track 7 – Try

Track 11 – Come back



All Our Hands Are Worthy is an Adult Contemporary Rock record written through the lens and perspective of an urban Shaman Mystic named Jason Cook.

Jason’s music takes a spiritually conscious, introspective look at the human condition and then invites listeners to not only challenge their domesticated views of the world but to look deep inside their souls to uncover a more authentic  and heart centered version of themselves.

Winner of 2 Los Angeles Music Awards, All Our Hands Are Worthy tears open the dark collective psyche with 12 songs that shine a bright light on such topics as judgment, fear, shadow projecting, codependency, boundaries, personal power, self-love, happiness, gratitude, living in the present moment, listening to your inner child and discovering your inspired purpose.

All Our Hands Are Worthy was co-created with the love and support of Canadian music producers Frank Gryner and Karen Stever.

This is dynamically relentless… personal and vulnerable…It’s refreshing to get a glimpse into something with a deeply personal subject matter…Excellent work.”

– Billboard World Song Contest

His words are heartfelt and thought provoking…

 All Access Magazine (Los Angeles, California)

Cook writes powerful lyrics about the human experience, sets those lyrics to great melodies and drives the whole package home with emotionally charged vocals.  Track for track, this is one of the strongest Canadian debut album’s I’ve heard… I suspect we’ve only just begun to see his star rise.

–  Canadian Musician Magazine

This is incredible sounding stuff. The music is deep, meaningful and also very commercial sounding, and those are two elements that don’t often get mentioned in the same sentence together. Your music contains elements of commercial pop and modern rock.  A few of the songs could possibly even appeal to fans of contemporary country artists like Keith Urban or Rascal Flatts.  You have plenty of crossover appeal.  This is extremely well-produced and performed with obvious skill and passion.  Oh, and the songs are extremely memorable as well!  The tracks feel real good with inventive melodic shapes and lyrics…the recordings already have that radio sheen…to top things off, your performance is heartfelt and comes through with intensity and authenticity. The music is artist driven and sincere in its design…the ultimate blend. Way to go!

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