The Soul Seeker




Duration: 1 month

The Soul Seeker package is an excellent introduction to Jason’s energy medicine healings and sacred teachings.  During this 4 week mentorship Jason will help you to identify and transform a situation in your life where you have felt stuck and unable to move forward.

What’s included:

  • 2 private 90 minute Energy Medicine sessions focused around personal healing and discovering your soul medicine
  • 2 private 60 minute Mentorship sessions focused around sacred teachings, intuitive guidance and deepening into your intuition, soul wisdom and inspired purpose
  • An introduction to Jason’s teachings of FourSight, The Trinity of Affinities, Drop Da Drama, The 3 Altars of Power, The Reality Principle, Unorthodox Blessings, God Nature, Metamorphosis and MoFlo.
  • Weekly homework assignments to integrate your soul medicine and to anchor in your energy medicine healings.
  • Full email access to Jason’s intuitive guidance, energy healing, soul medicines and wisdom for 1 month.
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