I used to think that Jordache designer jeans were the coolest thing because all the “cool” boys and girls at my school wore them. I use to paint those babies on every day and then lie on my bed with a wire coat hanger, suck my gut into my pancreas and then try desperately NOT to neuter myself.


I realized quickly that trying to “fit” into those jeans and hide my quirks homogenized me, made me less interesting, less unique and most definitely reduced my sperm count! 😉 lol

What i came to realized is that I never really “fit” into those jeans or any of those cliques at school. I was a fucking country boy, who loved Hank Williams Jr., Iron Maiden and Abba. I had a mullet with a perm and a pretty kick-ass, peach fuzz mustache. I rocked my Cougar Boots with the tongues down…even in the summer and had a tribe of toads…ALL named Timothy that lived under my front porch.


As soon as I OWNED the “I” in quirky, my life changed…kids from ALL the school cliques wanted to be my friend. It was like I had diplomatic immunity and unlimited “floater” status Soul Peeps…The jocks, the rockers, the punks, the nerds, the geeks, the freaks, the loners, and the preps all opened up and allowed me into their worlds.




Because I had a little of each of them in me and I wasn’t afraid to OWN it or to show it…I wasn’t exclusive…I was inclusive with my heart and above all I burned those goddamn Jordache jeans and traded them in for a pair of loose fitting Levis and a flannel shirt…which I’m pretty sure started the Grunge Movement 10 years earlier than Seattle (sorry Kurt Cobain) lol!


Souls In Progress, your “quirky” is a physical expression of your Unique God Nature…So be authentic, embrace your “quirky” and above ALL…LOVE YOURSELF you freaky duck !

So what soul medicine is your “quirky” pointing to?


One <3


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